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It’s a 2020 wrap – and it’s only January

Our first approved case study in 2020 has just come through and what a delight it has been to work on with Mark Weller, from the White Horse Foundation, alongside our longterm valued virtual backup client, Altaro.

2020-02-04 15:13:35

The full case study resides in the Gallery, but in posting, we couldn’t help but notice how striking the opening and close testimonials are from a stand out point of view, driving you to read on…Mark’s opening remarks zone-in on the tangible benefits to schools and teaching alike:

“Many hours were wasted dealing with distracting backup issues, cumbersome in nature, or physically co-ordinating backups between schools. Now that Altaro’s Cloud Management Console sits in place seamlessly backing up data, IT team members have been able to focus instead

on driving greater technology benefits that positively impact teaching and students. A fulfilling outcome.”


Whilst the closing comments bring out the intangible, deep relationship gains enjoyed with the Altaro giving personality and strength.


“Altaro are honest and transparent to deal with and tell you what can be

achieved, and that is important when they are dealing with something as

critical as your data. Overall, we are in a much safer place now thanks to

Altaro VM Backup.”


Download the whole case study on the Works Gallery. Hopefully the start of another cracking year of top customer testimonials.